How To Choose A Resume Writer

A few things to consider in choosing your resume writer include:
  • Credential. How did this person become a resume writer? Does she or he have an employment background? What is their success rate? Ask for references and review samples resume before making a commitment. A great way to find a resume writing professional is often by referral, so ask around or call a staffing service and see if they can make a recommendation for you.
  • Methodology. Ask about the process. How will the two of you accomplish your goal? What will you be required to do?
  • Chemistry. Are you comfortable working with this person? This is a collaborative process. Do not work with someone who treats you condescendingly, displays poor customer service, or appears unprofessional.
  • Product. Ask about the end product. What will you receive? What format will your resume be in? Can you make changes or updates yourself, or does the resume writer require you to work only through her?
  • Delivery and Price. Fees vary widely, but you should be quoted a price based on your experience and need. Prices generally range from $150 to $1000, and turnaround time is usually a week or more.